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Colour Realism + Black & Grey Realism Seminar by Eric Jason D'souza

  • Iron Buzz Tattoos 21/A, New Hindustan Society, Linking road, Bandra (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050 India (map)

Sponsored by Radiant Colors Ink USA


do you want to tattoo better?

✔︎ Three day distraction-free tattoo workshop with TWO LIVE TATTOO SESSIONS (Black & grey + Colour Realism)

✔︎ Discover the secret for composing a perfect tattoo design based on mathematics. Used by every artist at Iron Buzz Tattoos

✔︎ Master hidden skills that can make you a better tattoo artist overnight.

✔︎ One-on-one interaction during sessions. You can ask anything!


Are you the type of Tattoo Artist who truly believes in not only the technical form of the craftsmanship but also in the principles of creation?  If so, keep this seminar in mind! Through identifying weaknesses and individual growth and education accompanied with relationships this workshop will help you to evolve your artistic side and help you create a legacy far greater than some accomplishments of our own. We may not all agree with one another but we are all cut from the same cloth.  Our sole duty should be to create, grind, inspire, be inspired, grow as individuals and give, as one culture together. Help evolve the art. Be great and be remembered.  

In this workshop sponsored by Radiant Colors Ink USA, I intend to share my technical methods that will upgrade your work to a higher level and most importantly, the love and commitment to the process. Through training your artistic skills on a subconscious level, this workshop will help reduce artists blocks and over time allow you to develop your own personal style and through purpose and personal growth as artists, YOU can be the very definition of SUCCESS! 

I have jam packed this workshop with huge amounts of information regarding tattooing techniques that will boost your tattooing and artistic skills, hidden resources and industry secrets that will not only improve your visual drawing thought process but also make you a better tattoo artist than before, and networking that can seriously improve the way you run your tattoo business through social media marketing and search engine optimisation. Here you'll find a truly unique experience that you can't get anywhere else in the tattoo industry. 

Upon completing this seminar, you will feel more confident about learning new techniques, you will have freedom to explore your own artistic self as you progress in your journey in the tattoo industry! 


  • Printed reference material
  • Blank paper/ Notepad for taking notes
  • Pens / Pencils 
  • Charging station for your devices
  • Coffee & water during the seminar
  • Lunch & Dinner on all three days


  • 5 colour Ink set from Radiant Colors Ink USA
  • One T-shirt + discount code by Haul Apparel India
  • Tattoo Guidance Booklet for Tattoo Artists (Given to every student of Iron Buzz Pro)
  • Supervision of work through email for one month. 
  • Certificate of Completion.


Day One: Live Colour Realism Tattoo | Basic & Advanced Colour Packing/Filling Made Easy

  • Live Tattoo Session & Interaction. 
  • Insider secrets using unusual methods for applying colour. 
  • Colour Selection - You will learn to select colour based on skin tone, skin type and texture. 
  • Colour Packing – You will learn appropriate ways to saturate/ pack color to avoid bleeding and increase life of the tattoo.
  • Highlighting/Polishing – As the final step of the tattoo, you will learn to give final touches and highlights and create the illusion of reality in your tattoo.
  • Q and A session. 

Day Two: Live Realistic Black & Grey Tattoo | Basic & Advanced Shading Techniques & Texturing

  • Live Tattoo Session & Interaction.  
  • Gain insight into grey wash configuration, needles, tattoo setup, Image selections and more!
  • Contrast - How to increase and maintain value and contrast of pigments on different skin tones for better results after healing. 
  • Texture - Master key elements of creating hyper-realistic textures with different needles and mind-blowing shading techniques. 
  • What is it that makes a tattoo move from ordinary to stunning? 
  • How to photograph and present your tattoo online.
  • Q and A session.

Day Three: Introduction to Tattoo Business Management 

  • Fundamentals of Tattoo Designing & Composition - Fundamentals are the most important part of creating a professional tattoo art. You will learn everything from assessing a subject like an artist to composing a design with confidence for maximum impact.
  • In depth understanding of tattoo needles, tattoo machines and its uses for adding texture in your work.
  • Using digital applications like Photoshop, Procreate (IPAD), etc to your advantage. 
  • Best ways to maintain online presence.
  • How to problem-solve with success when something goes wrong in the tattoo process.
  • Importance of maintaining hygiene to avoid cross contamination of diseases during tattoo process (2 hours)
  • The 5 Core Elements of being a successful tattoo artist to help you rapidly progress, and you’ll see the difference in your own work almost immediately. 
  • In depth interactive Q and A session. You can ask anything! 


It's as simple as it can get. Fill up the form and choose one the following payment options to make your payment. The cost of this workshop is ₹20000 (300 USD). Once the payment is processed you will receive a welcome email with an entry pass within 48 hours. 

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step two: make payment

Amount : ₹20,000/- (USD 300) 

Dates: 9-11 JULY 2018


*Please make sure that you fill the form in STEP ONE and register yourself before making your payment. Once the payment is confirmed you will receive welcome email along with entry pass for the event


9th JULY to 11th July 2018, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM IST

Iron Buzz Tattoos
21/A,First floor, New Hindustan Society,
Linking Road, Bandra (W),
Behind Thomas Cook,
Mumbai, India.


Please click on the website below to book your stay. 



To book your seat please contact on +91 9867191292 | +919833879638