This career oriented tattoo course has 21 information packed modules that will single-handedly take you from steps A to Z of not only the Tattoo process and Tattooing career, but will also show you how to create your own profitable tattoo studio business.

⭐️DURATION: 25 WEEKS, 6 days a week; 23 students enrolled ⭐️Mentors: Eric Jason D'souza, Aishin Diana Chang & Aadesh G
What will I learn?

✓ First hand experience learning with top-rated tattoo artists at our reputed studio Iron Buzz Tattoos.

✓ Master key elements of art, illustration and tattoo designing from the best!

✓ Optimize & improve existing tattooing skills or gain new knowledge

✓ Understand how to stand apart from the competition

✓ Learn how to tattoo the right way!

Are you the type of Tattoo Artist who wants to turn tattooing into a full-time job? Are you the artist who wants to start your own tattoo studio that will pay you well? If the answer is “YES” then you should consider taking this PRO tattoo course. 

What is PRO Tattoo Course?

Pro Tattoo Course is a 25 week intensive tattoo training course in Professional tattooing. We've hand-crafted the PRO Tattoo Course to be the only course you need, to learn all the core fundamentals and advanced techniques of tattooing and business. If you’re an absolute beginner or you’re already at an intermediate level, this course will advance your current ability to a professional level. The course is a comprehensive 21 module guided course, where the only limit to your progress is your determination and engagement in the assignments. 

Pro Tattoo Course will teach you to draw and tattoo with confidence and without fear. It will teach you to tattoo well. You will know all the core theory, workflows and practical application to become a professional level tattoo artist .

So what else is in it for you?... View our complete tattoo course module below.


#1: Introduction About Artwork, Tattoo Stencils, Supplies & Machine Setup

In this module we will dive into artwork, using and making stencils for great transfers, the transfer process itself, the exact supplies you'll need, assembling the tattoo machine and needles, proper setup and safe preparation, and much more!

#2: The Nuts & Bolts of The Tattooing Process

Get to know the Rotary and Coil tattoo machine inside and out, detail by detail. We'll also dive into the various types of tattoo needles, tattoo inks, and the Iron Buzz PRO Tattoo Artists Code of Ethics. This is a "must know" for anyone who wants to tattoo!

#3: An Introduction To Working With Real Clients/People

Learn the basics of how to work with clients and people when making a tattoo. This includes knowing how to properly "prep" your client correctly for tattooing success. We'll go over all the steps that you need to know before starting a client consultation to understand their design concept better.

#4: Critical Tattooing Safety Procedures

In this module we'll cover the biological aspects of tattooing (skin depth, texture, anatomy and more), health and safety procedures, how to clean and sanitize/sterilize your tattoo equipment, and what you need to know about certifications and hygiene protocol.

#5: Tattoo Machines and Needles in detail and their uses!

We'll go into detail on how to work with your tattoo machine, learn on the go inside our tattoo studio Iron Buzz Tattoos, setting up your actual work space correctly, and going into great detail and the "nitty gritty" on tattoo needles that you need to understand!

#6: Understanding The Process of Tattoo Designing (Paper & Digital)

You're going to discover the real truth about the process of tattoo "designing",the difference between "placement, composition, form and fit", how to use color, understanding depth & perspective to create a perfect tattoo design. You will also learn how to create relaistic compositions using digital softwares like Photoshop & Procreate.

#7: The Importance of Sketching (Shape, Form & Detail)

In this module we'll teach you rapid sketching and its importance to lay down rough concepts during tattoo consultations, how to research and add new designs & patterns, how to use 'Calligraphy' to add more shape, contour and depth, and how to 'finesse the design' with shape, form and detail.

#8: Simple Drawing Hacks: How to Draw Better, and Faster!

In this module we'll reveal to you several drawing "hacks" or shortcuts to improving your own drawing skills. By following these steps and techniques, you can not only draw better, but draw faster. This will improve your own skills as a tattoo artist in the long run. This is a must for any tattoo artist!

#9: The Process of Applying The Tattoo

In this module you'll be shown exactly how to begin the proper preparation for tattooing the human skin, how to use your machine correctly for amazing results, unique techniques to help you create amazing tattoos, and pro tattoo artist tips to remember about the application process!

#10: The Beginnings of a Black & Grey and Color Tattoo

In this module we'll dive into your first black and grey tattoo, including proper outlining and variation of line weightage, how to avoid blow-out of ink, smooth shading, applying grey wash techniques, understanding the right speed of the machine, and finally how to work in multiple sessions.

#11: Tattoo Cover-Up Techniques & Procedures

In this module you'll learn how to work with a pre-existing tattoo and learn various cover-up techniques and procedures. You'll even learn how to work with old tattoos. Pro tattoo tips and tricks related to successful tattoo cover-ups will be revealed in full detail in this module.

#12: How To Work With a Pre-Existing Tattoo + Using Markers

In this module you'll learn the proper techniques and methods to work with a pre-existing tattoo, including freehand designing, proper color work/blending, line work, tricks on conveying ideas with minimal detail, and effective styling that will make the tattoo stand out on it's own.

#13: Black & Grey Shading Techniques In Greater Detail (+ Live Tattoo Session)

In this module we'll go over different black & grey shading techniques including lining, shading, and filling. You'll learn how to get smooth and flowing lines, what ink you should use, how to properly position yourself and your client, proper needle groupings, how to add more depth/contrast, etc.

#14: Black & Grey Work (Using Magnum Needles for Texturing)

In this module you'll learn how useful magnum needles can be when it comes to textures in black & grey work. You'll learn which brand of ink works best, how to work with the needles and the right angles, how to avoid damaged needles, why you shouldn't do all shading the same way, plus so much more!

#15: Colour packing/ filling Techniques in Detail (+ Live Tattoo Session)

In this module you'll learn how to effectively blend in colors into your black & grey shading of an existing tattoo. You'll learn multiple tips, tricks and techniques for doing this, as well as what types of inks work best, how to do proper blending with the right pressure, and 'feathering/ blending' the ink.

#16: How To Tattoo a Portrait The Right Way (+ Live Tattoo Session)

In this module you're going to learn how to create jaw-dropping realistic & believable tattoo portraits. You'll learn how to start out the portrait the right way, including placement, how to use effective black & grey shading techniques for realistic effects and lines, how not to overkill with too much darkness, and the aspects you SHOULDN'T include in a portrait tattoo!

#17: Advanced Tattoo Lining (Applies for every tattoo)

In this module we'll go over the best ways and techniques to use tattoo lining including: how to position and work with the human body, things you should never do when lining, how to setup your tattoo machine when a lot of lining is going to be involved, how to "build up" lines the right way, and impact of line weightage!


In this module you'll learn how to hit the mark and make the right choices for big success. In this module you'll discover what you need to look for when it comes to being a successful tattoo artist, how to work on your own tattoo style, what to look out for, how to create and use an effective portfolio, and even how to set your prices!

#19: BREAKING INTO THE BUSINESS - Starting Your Own Shop

In this module you'll discover everything you need to succeed with your own tattoo studio. This will include several things you need to consider FIRST before opening, a sample business plan, understanding your market, importance of social media for business (Instagram & Facebook) and even tips and preparations for attending tattoo workshops and conventions.

#20: Business Management and Client Servicing! *Very important

In this module we'll reveal to you several 'hacks' or shortcuts to structuring your business and inventory. By following these steps, you can not only tattoo your clients, but how to stay in touch with them for future projects. Learn to manage inventory (equipment and supplies required at a tattoo studio)

#21: Bloodborne Pathogens & Cross-contamination prvention

In this modele you will learn what BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS are. Preventing the spread of BBP with CROSS-CONTAMINATION PROCEDURES. Implement CROSS-CONTAMINATION PROCEDURES during setup, during the tattoo process, and during the tear-down/ clean up of your station and the supplies necessary for cross-contamination procedures.


  • Iron Buzz PRO Tattoo Guidance Booklet 
  • Official Certificate of Completion. 
  • Lifetime Support.


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  • Phanindra Pullikurty (Professional artist, Orissa)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (One month ago)

"As an aspring artist from the state of Odisha, Iron Buzz had always been my ideal tattoo studio to learn tattooing. My sincere gratitude to Diana Chang for considering me worthy and shortlising me for the apprenticeship program. With Eric as my mentor, I can't believe how far I have come in the last 6 months with the Pro tattoo training course. Once a disbeliever myself, this awesome career move has instilled great confidence in me with regard to hygiene,drawing skills, designing and tattooing. HUGE thanks to each one of IRON BUZZ team for creating this amazing work environment and helping me jump into doing the work I absolutely love. We are not just a team, we are a FAMILY. Art is our life, obsession and love - it's not just a tagline; it's our way of life here."

  • Sachin Kotian (Resident artist at Iron Buzz)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (One month ago)

"Words are less to describe this place, the studio members and the vibe! I had joined the Pro Tattoo Course in 2017 and time just flies by. Every one in the studio are super active and friendly and feels like family. I've learnt alot from this course and still learning from Eric (the head of the Family), Aishin (The Mother / Commander in charge) and ofcourse Aadesh and Jayesh!"

  • Vishal Fugare (Ink Mantra Tattoos, Pune)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (One year ago)

"Iron Buzz Pro, where I started my Tattooing journey. The house is full of Knowledge, support and absolutely amazing positive waves. During my Pro Tattoo Training I was introduced to some of the in-house ethics which helped me after my training time as creative artist and successful studio owner of Ink Mantra Tattoos Pune. Thank you so much Eric da for introducing the artist in me and Aishin for enhancing my managerial skills and yes a big thank to Aadesh and Jayesh for been wonderful colleagues."