Frequently Asked Questions


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Will I be able to tattoo at the end of this course?

Yes of course you will, you should be tattooing daily if you want to be a successful tattoo artist.

Can I learn everything I need to be a successful tattoo artist?

You will be given all the knowledge to set you on the right path to becoming a tattoo artist and business owner if you choose to open your own tattoo studio.

What if i have questions many months after the tattoo course has finished?

Call us, we are always on the other end of the phone to help, we want you to succeed and encourage follow up questions, a lot of our past students stay in regular contact.

Is it easy to become a tattoo artist?

It sure isn't easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it! You’re learning a new skill and as with any new skill, it requires commitment, hard work and dedication.

I want to open my own tattoo studio, will you help?

Yes, we don’t just cover the tattooing side of the business,we cover the health and safety as well as giving you all of our tried and tested advice on how to run a tattoo studio.

Do i get a certificate on completion of course?

Yes, providing you’ve met all the criteria we expect from you throughout the course, we put the work in to ensure you pass our tattoo course. If we feel any student is falling behind we give them the extra attention required without affecting the rest of the students. 

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes, you can set up a payment plan, paying monthly with the last payment just before your start date of the tattoo course.

Do you supply tattoo kits?

No, we advise you wait until you attend our course before you buy any tattoo kits as most of the starter kits you see on the internet are of poor standard so set you on the wrong  path from the start, we explain the difference between different choice of machines,inks and needles to help you find which suits you best..

********Please note the importance of quality tattoo machines,inks and needles cannot be underestimated, your entire tattoo career will centre around these items.. Remember that sub standard equipment will give you sub standard results ***********